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Regular Season Game In Canada Could Involve Broncos\Patriots In 2008

Could our beloved Broncos beheading north to the frozen tundra of Alberta?  Could the Patriots join us there in the land of Molson?  According to some rumors floating around, the Broncos and Patriots could be slated to meet in the NFL's International game in 2008, part of the League's determined effort to grow the game around the world.  A leading candidate to host the game could be Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta.  The newest, and most importantly, largest football stadium in Canada.  Edmonton is also home to Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen which seems to make even more sense.  There is more in the report below.  Keep you eyes and ears peeled....


There's a real good chance Edmonton could host a regular season National Football League (NFL) game, the Denver Broncos versus the New England Patriots, on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend next year.

Here's what's for sure. To grow American football internationally, the NFL is committed to playing one regular season game a year outside the U.S.

In 2008, that game will be played in Canada.

The Eskimos' Dave Jamieson confirms that the Eskies have bid to host that game in Commonwealth. "But so have several other CFL teams."

Here's why Edmonton could have an inside edge.

  • We have the best stadium in Canada - it'd look great on TV.
  • Commonwealth Stadium can squeeze in up to 64,000 fans and would sell out, even at premium ticket prices, as it'd be the biggest event of the year. The money's important.The American teams need to make up revenue lost by not playing in their home markets.
  • Toronto and Vancouver's bids might be met by resistance from NFL teams, being a little too close for comfort to Buffalo (the Buffalo Bills) and Seattle (Seattle Seahawks).
Montreal, Regina, Winnipeg and Calgary's stadiums, even with temporary seating, are still smaller than Commonwealth and not nearly as nice. Besides, Calgary's McMahon Stadium is a dump.
  • Edmonton has a special relationship with the Denver Broncos. Owner Pat Bowlen is originally from here and maintains close ties with the city and the Eskimos.
  • Such an NFL game can be easily accommodated with the CFL schedule and Commonwealth Stadium.
Here's the kicker. The Team 1260's morning show - Bryn Griffiths and Jake Daniels - found out New England Patriots' owner Robert Kraft was in town recently. His private jet was parked at City Centre Airport. Why else would Kraft come to Edmonton, other than on a fact-finding mission?

New England versus Denver on Commonwealth Stadium grass. Wouldn't that be something?