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MHR RADIO -- Where Has The 'Magic' Gone?? TONIGHT!!

Coming off our first loss of 2007 and it doesn't get any easier this week. That's the NFL for ya, and we have you covered!! Join us tonight on MHR Radio -- The Official Podcast of!! Here's what we have in store for you to chew on TONIGHT --

--A quick look back at our loss to the Jags...Very quick!

--The Defense....Ugh...What can be done?

--BigBlueShow from StampedeBlue will join us to look ahead at our matchup with the Colts.

--What has happened to the "Mile High Magic"?.

--We'll take a look around the AFC West to see how the rest of the division did in Week 3.

--San Diego is finding out what life with Norv Turner is all about

--Your Calls!

All that and MORE!!  Tonight(10PM est/7PM pst) on MHR Radio!!!!

EVEN BETTER!!! -- There have been some changes made to the show.  There is no longer a time limit, and I will have the ability to host a show at any time.  More details to come, but it means you can get more of MHR Radio when you want it, even right after the game!!!