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The 'Rice' Could Be Right For Broncos

Simeon Rice in Orange and Blue come Sunday?  If you believe what Rice is saying you have to like the chances.

"The Broncos are better than 50-50," Rice said. "They're like 55-45, maybe 60-40. Things are leaning their way. They're classy, man. All class. I want to knock on wood, but I feel like this is the place. I feel like this is a team that will challenge for the Super Bowl and create a Camelot type of experience."

There is little doubting Rice's productivity over most of his 11 years in the NFL, but you have to wonder just how much Rice has left ater shoulder surgery following the 2006 season.

"My shoulder is straight," Rice said. "The physical wasn't the reason. Let's get real - the reason they let me go was money."

Let's take a look at the numbers --

Let's assume that 2006 was simply a fluke, a down year caused by injury.  His averages the 4 prior years -- 14 sacks and 5 forced fumbles per season, to go along with 45 tackles.  Those numbers are enough to get any Broncos fan excited.

Whether or not Rice has anything left, or if the Broncos can even afford his asking price remains to be seen, but Rice has left little doubt about his readiness to play come Sunday, "Do birds fly?"