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Broncos @ Colts - 4th Quarter Open Thread


Date: Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time: 4:15 p.m. ET

Teams: Denver Broncos (2-1) at Indianapolis Colts (3-0)

Location: RCA Dome -- Indianapolis, Indiana


Colts Seventh Drive cont.... --

--Can the Broncos defense make a stop and at least give the offense a chance?? We'll find out...
--Can someone tell me why John Engelberger is still in the game?
--Enough with teams not throwing at Champ Bailey. That was a Tight End that got behind Bailey. No one is playing well for this defense..
--The only thing stopping the Colts are themselves. --The bad thing about waiting for the Colts to make a mistake is that they rarely do. Horrible defense. Horrible..
--REMEMBER -- We'll talk about the game right after it is over on MHR Radio
--And we'll have a lot to talk about. This time it is Reggie Wayne and another Colts TD. Colts 35 - BRONCOS 20
--The Colts are 5/5 in the Red Zone with 5 TDs. Those stats = a loss

Broncos Eighth Drive --

--How nice it would be to have a kicker who could boot it into the end-zone...
--The first try to get downfield and the rush breaks it up
--Nice to see Henry back on the field....
--Cardinals beating the Steelers, an upset I predicted...
--Kansas City beating the Chargers....Is everything all that bad in Denver??
--A Denver punt should just about end the competitive portion of this game, only the final score remains...

Colts Eighth Drive

--Dallas Clark has owned every one of our DBs...
--Just trying to kill the clock is eating up huge chunks of yards for the Colts offense.
--All those years of missing on D-Line draft picks, and letting go the ones that did work out have come back to haunt the Broncos...
--The Colts, not looking to completely run up the score, kick a field goal on 4th and short. Colts 38 - BRONCOS 20

Broncos Ninth Drive

--The first contact brings Hixon down, an all too frequent occurrence
--I think Shanny will have to realize that his offense will have to out-score teams if they are going to win games
--Lucky for us the Chargers defense might be just as bad...
--Why is Cutler still in the game??
--A couple Manning kneel-downs will do it....Heading over to the Radio Side.....