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Colts 38 - Broncos 20 - Post Game Stats and Quotes

Mike Shanahan --

General Comments -- "We knew going into the game we had to limit Indy's possessions.  I think we did limit their possessions, but obviously they did a great job of making some plays, running and throwing the ball.  I think they were 5-5 in the red zone."

On Broncos offensive performance -- "When you have the opportunities inside the 20, you've got to turn them into touchdowns, not field goals.  We had a couple of opportunities down there and couldn't convert."

On Broncos' special teams play -- "Obviously, we're going to keep working on that.  We lost field position today.  That's something we're going to have to improve on.  The first couple of drives, we didn't have to go very far."

On Colts offense -- "We know they're a very good offensive football team.  They have been stopped, but obviously we didn't do that today.  I shouldn't say stop, slowed down."


On the Colts' offense -- "Peyton (Manning) controls that offense.  He does an exceptional job.  They don't turn the ball over and don't make many mistakes.  We got going early but we needed touchdowns instead of field goals."

On not getting touchdowns in the red zone -- "We will have to go back and look at it and see what our problem is.  On third downs, we need to move the chains.  As a whole, we need to look at everything we are doing."

On being first in their division -- "Doesn't feel like we are.  We are 2-2 and there is still a lot of football left.  We need to keep working and looking for ways each week.  We have a good team.  We will go back and look at the film and keep working."

S Nick Ferguson --

On preparing for Peyton Manning -- "He's been around the league for a long time. He's seen a lot of different defenses.  At least he got into his game plan and made adjustments the second half."

On the Colts team and offense -- "It's not just all about him (Manning).  He is not the offensive coordinator making the calls.  Those guys did well as a unit making adjustments.  So you can't give Peyton all the credit.  After half-time, they came out with a different plan."

On waiting for the big play to happen -- You want to try to force turnovers on defense, create a spark, but we weren't able to do it today. They didn't really get long throws, but their running game worked and they were able to get outside."

RB Selvin Young --

On needing to play the "perfect game" against the Colts -- "You try to play a perfect game. You don't want to come out on the field not knowing your assignments and not trying to play the perfect game. The closer you play the perfect game, the more chance you have to win."

On needing to play the "perfect game" against the Colts -- "I feel like a team like that (Colts), of course you have to be on your game and you have to come out ready to play and understand what they are capable of doing."

On combining for nearly 200 yards with Henry and losing the game) -- "Most definitely, I'm shocked. If you get over 150 yards, I feel like you're supposed to win the football game."