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A Few Good Questions With....Dan Benton, Bills Blogger for AOL Fanhouse

What's better than getting the opinion of a Bills Blogger before the Broncos open the 2007 season against the Bills?  Getting the thoughts of 2!  

Today we get the thoughts of Dan Benton, a Bills Blogger for AOL's FanHouse.  Dan was nice enough to give his thoughts to the same questions I asked Brian G from Buffalo  Here are Dan's replies --

MHR - There are a lot of new faces throughout the Bills roster.  Is there any concern that it will take time for the team to gel?

DB -- Absolutely.  I don't think there is any way for the Bills or their fans to shy away from that.  Although they've spent a good amount of time with each other this offseason, it's regular season game experience that matters.  It's going to take a little while for this team to click on all cylinders.

MHR - Everything I have seen and heard from J.P Losman this off-season points to his growth and maturity.  He is saying and doing all the right things and has become an active part of the Buffalo community.  What is the feeling of Bills fans towards their QB, and are you confident that he is the guy to lead the Bills back to prominence.

DB -- Most, if not all Bills fans are extremely confident in J.P. Losman, and rightfully so.  His game has really come a long way, and he shows no signs of slowing down.  Is he the next Peyton Manning?  Probably not, but he's an above-average NFL quarterback.  I have no doubts that this kid can eventually lead Buffalo back to the promise land.

MHR - It was obvious that the Bills felt their offensive line was a problem in '06 and went a long way towards addressing it in '07.  How confident are you in Dockery and Walker and the O-Line as a whole?

DB -- I'm much more confident in them than I was last year.  Then again, as I stated earlier, it takes time for teams to gel.  The unit didn't make me feel all warm and cozy during the preseason, but I still think they'll prove to be a drastic improvement over last years squad.

MHR - Lee Evans seems to be on the cusp of greatness.  After Evans, there are some question marks in the receiving corp.  Who are the #2 and #3 targets?  Can Peerless Price regain the form he showed in his first go round in Buffalo?

DB -- That's hard to say.  Evans is clearly the number one right now, and as you said, on the cusp of greatness.  Because of that, Price will obviously get less passes than he did in 2002.  At the same time, barring injury, he should certainly improve on his 2006 numbers.

Beyond that, it's all about Roscoe Parrish and Josh Reed.  Both of them will see time as a the third wide receiver this year, and how well they perform really remains up to them.  Each have the talent to do well; it's just about putting all the pieces together.

MHR - Nate Clements, Takeo Spikes are gone.  The team was unable to come to terms with Darwin Walker.  What is the current status of the defense, and are you confident the Bills D can play at a high level right from the beginning of the season?

DB -- Bills fans will hate me, but no.  The defense is quite a concern, and while anything is possible, I believe they'll struggle significantly this year.  Most of the players are either young or inexperiences.

However, with time, I think this unit could be something special -- especially with Paul Posluszny leading the way.

MHR -- BONUS - It's Week 1..Go ahead and give me your prediction for the game. And give me your prediction for the Bills record in 2007.

DB -- Denver 27 - Buffalo 17

My prediction for the 2007 Bills, I'll go ... 7-9 and third in the AFC East.

My thanks to Dan for taking the time, as well as for reaching out with his questions for me.  To see how I answered his inquiring mind, head on over to the FanHouse!!!