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Coach's Corner

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Today I'm going to bring you a tough coaching situation and you get to make the call.

There is 01:59 left in the fourth quarter, and you have two time outs left.  The game is tied at 24 points.  You are on defense.  The other team has the ball, and they are on your one yard line.  Your defensive coordinator sends out the goal line defensive squad.  You (being the clever coach that you are) give a special instruction to your coordinator.  What is it?  

(Answer will appear tomorow morning, or will be acknowledged if I see the answer before then; either way it will be in the comments section).


Just for fun, the first four members to leave a comment (whether you know the answer or not) will get a special prize.  Simply answer the next five questions, and I'll tell you what kind of a defensive system you might run if you were a defensive coordinator.  (I'm limiting it to four, since my replies will take quite a while).

  1. Would you place more importance on stopping the pass or run?
  2. Do you like zone coverage or man coverage?
  3. What position on defense is most important to you?
  4. Do you prefer smash mouth football or finesse?
  5. Add any other comments about your ideal defense that you think will help.
There are many schemes out there, and they go much deeper than the answers to the questions above.  But this is a fun excercise, and I'll match up as close as I can along with explanations.


Remember, "Football 101" is coming to MHR the week after the SB.  If you have any requests for the upcoming column, or questions relating to formations, systems, playcalling, or strategy I'd love to hear them here in the comments section!

Everyone have a terrific playoff weekend, and good luck to whoever you're rooting for!