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Horse Tracks - 1/2/08

We have officially begun the "season that comes after the season ends and you don't makes the playoffs....season".  Yea, we are looking for a name, and there will be a poll later today for everyone to vote on what we should call this "season".

What that means right now, however, is the return of Horse Tracks, spanning the web every morning for your linking pleasure.

   Mike Klis goes goes position-by-position in looking at what the Broncos need to do in 2008.

   Don't look for the Broncos to benefit from any extra picks in April's draft.

   Ryan Harris will be given the first crack at the starting Left Tackle position.

   More on Javon Walker's prima-donna rant.

   Jim Bates will wait and see after his hardest year in coaching.

We'll have much more on the retirement of Matt Lepsis, the season that was in 2007, and what needs to be done moving forward.