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The Annual Cattle Call Begins....Senior Bowl Practice Day 1

Let the cattle herding begin.  Practice for this weekend's Senior Bowl began yesterday, giving the 100 or so NFL hopefuls their shot at impressing over 500 coaches, scouts and other NFL decision makers that have the next 90 days to get ready for the 2008 NFL Draft.

Unfortunately I am not in Alabama taking in the festivities in person, but a lot of talented people are, and I am going to add on to their analysis when a player that should interest the Broncos is discussed.

First, Andrew Mason, from is blogging the event and does a great job.  You can look at his Day 1 report here.  One interesting note was his breakdown of Maryland DT Dre` Moore, who figures to be in the Broncos's sites in the 2nd or 3rd round --

The 6-foot-4, 307-pounder's frame stood in contrast to many of his teammates. He wasn't exactly lean, and admittedly I had him pegged at about 315 or 317 pounds before his actual weight was announced. But when he practiced a few hours later, the man was mean, crashing into offensive linemen with the force of a thunderclap and frequently pushing them back several yards with nothing more complex than a straight-on bull rush.

It just shows that even the most revealing picture of a draft prospect isn't necessarily the most illuminating one.

 Moore's name is one to keep your eyes on as we move through the scouting process.

NFL Draftcountdown has a breakdown of which teams took a closer look at which players, including the Broncos, who got up close and personal with the following players -- DB Jamar Adams(Michigan), DB DeJuan Tribble(B.C.), QB Chad Henne(Michigan), DE Shawn Crable(Michigan).  Obviously, not much weight can be placed on this, other than the fact the Broncos appear interested in adding depth to the secondary.

Among the snippets I found interesting was the following, regarding two players tied to the Broncos in the First Round --

Two of the most impressive players on the field today both happened to be USC Trojans. Defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis was practically unblockable, blowing by Chad Rinehart on one play and being very disruptive in the backfield all afternoon. He also received a lot of praise from the coaching staff. Meanwhile his college teammate Keith Rivers, who drew a lot of praise from Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Rivers looked quick and explosive moving both forward and laterally and even made a nice play in coverage twenty yards downfield against Kellen Davis.

Both Rivers and Ellis have shown up as the Broncos top pick in the MHR Mock Draft Database so I'll be paying attention to any news coming out about them as well.

There are plenty of other sources covering the Sr. Bowl, these are just two that I look at first.