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Players Attached To Broncos Have Mixed Senior Bowl Results

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The Senior Bowl concluded this past weekend in cold, damp, Mobile, Alabama, giving college seniors one last chance to strap on their collegiate helmets.  It is also a time when NFL teams can scout players that could potentially become the building blocks of future success.

For the Broncos, the week meant spending time with several players in hopes of getting a handle on who can help get them back to the playoffs.  Using the Mock Draft Database, let's take a look at how each potential Bronco faired during the game, as well as some guys the Broncos were known to have taken a closer look at during the week...

First, of the guys that played in the game that have been toed to the Broncos with the #12 pick, here is how each performed on the stat sheet --

Dan Connor(LB, Penn St.) -- 9 tackles, 1 INT
Sedrick Ellis(DT, USC)      -- 2 tackles, 1 sack for a safety

The players listed below were reported by various media outlets to have been observed by the Broncos during the week.  These guys will be later round picks, or undrafted free agents.  Just keep their names in the back of your head --


Chad Henne(QB, Michigan)  -- 5/9, 64 yards, 2TDs, 0Ints
Colt Brennan(QB, Hawaii)     -- 2/6, 29 yards, 0TDs, 1Int
Jacob Tamme(TE, Kentucky)    -- 2 rec/12 yards
Chauncey Washington(RB, USC) -- 5 car/38 yards(7.6 ypc)


Xavier Adibi(LB, Virginia Tech)    -- 7 tackles
Jordon Dizon(LB, Colorado)         -- 4 tackles
Wesley Woodyard(LB, Kentucky)      -- 6 tackles
DeJuan Tribble(CB, Boston College) -- 3 tackles
Tracy Porter(CB, Indiana)          -- 4 tackles, 1 Pass Def.
Terrence Wheatley(CB, Colorado)    -- 1 KO ret. for 25 yards

Perhaps our draft minds can give some thoughts on the players above.  Other than Connor and Ellis, Adibi has been the one guy tied to the Broncos in mock drafts, possibly in the 2nd round.

Several other players the Broncos observed were unable to break the stat sheet, for one reason or another --

Kellen Davis(TE, Michigan State)
Kory Lichtensteiger(OL, BGSU)
Gary Guyton(LB, Georgia Tech)
Jamar Adams(S, Michigan)
Shawn Crable(DE/LB, Michigan)