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Travis Henry Wants To Stay, 'Make It Right' In Denver

Henry WANTS to return in 2008
The Broncos have two huge questions to answer about a couple vets that are set to earn huge bonuses in a couple months.  Javon Walker, for his part, decided to take the low road, saying immediately after the season was over that he wanted out, that Denver "wasn't for him".  While he backed off those comments somewhat, he is still paying the price in the court of public opinion for opening his yapper.

Travis Henry, on the other hand, has stayed relatively quiet since having as many carries as me in the season finale against the Vikings.  The Broncos owe Henry around $6 Million in bonus money, money Henry has no chance to see.

Henry finally did speak out about the past, as well as his future in The Denver Post -

"I want to make it right to the Broncos, the fans and myself," Henry said. "I want to be a Bronco and make it all right. I don't want to be anywhere else. I owe those people something for all that happened last year. I want to clear my name there. I'm so hungry to do right there."

What bothers Henry most about his first season in Denver and seventh in the league was that it all started so well before imploding. After the first four games, Henry led the NFL in rushing and looked the part of the tailback the Broncos made a priority in free agency and spent $22.5 million over five years to obtain.

"It was my toughest season," Henry said. "It was a big distraction for everyone, and then I started getting hurt. It was just a bad season all around."

"All this stuff about my kids came out, and that hurt," Henry said. "I just want to forget about this season and be the best I can be for the Denver Broncos. I really want to make it work for the Broncos. I love that system and that history, and I know I can do well there. I just want that chance."

While there is a chance Henry could be a salary cap casualty in the next month, the team would like to keep him because he is a bruising back, and he would complement the faster, younger but injury-prone Selvin Young. Henry said he is keeping out of the financial affairs, but it is clear he wants to return.

"I'm already back in Denver working out," Henry said.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Broncos would like to keep Henry, at the right price.  By stating at the end of the season that Selvin Young is not a guy you can give the ball to 25 times a game, Shanny left the door open for a Henry return, and now it seems Henry is ready to do the right thing, earn his respect and money.