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Horse Tracks - 1/3/08

Enjoy some of these stories while drinking your Orange and Blue coffee!!

   First, Matt Lepsis reties, then Javon Walker wants out, now Champ Bailey is considering asking for a new contract, and why not?  If Nate Clements can get $80 mil, what is Bailey worth?

   Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler threw a New Year's Eve party for more than 20 teammates (including Tony Scheffler, Brandon Stokley and Dre' Bly) and 200 friends and family at the Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows with music by Sabotage. I'm told that Cutler wants to make this an annual event so players can all be together.

   It is looking more and more like Jim Bates will be the fall guy for the Broncos' defensive woes.

   A further breakdown of the Javon Walker situation.

   One writer's take on what the Broncos should do in the off-season.