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Horse Tracks - 1/31/08

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Horse Tracks is back! (again)  After receiving some feedback, I realized that alot of people out there liked Horse Tracks and used it to get their daily Broncos fix.  My apologies for short-changing the impact of Horse Tracks.  No worries, it is here to stay!

Grab a cup of Orange and Blue coffee and enjoy the best of the best Broncos news --

   Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels(31) has started a trend that the Broncos are following.

   Shannon Sharpe has some advice for Mike Shanahan regarding Javon Walker.

   Randy Gradishar is hoping to receive that special call come Saturday.

   Someone else finally agrees about the Broncos' handling of Domenik Hixon.

   Dave Krieger also share my beliefs when it comes to the Combine.

   One writer believes re-signing Al Wilson would be a key move this off-season.

   Even the political views of Rod Smith are newsworthy in an election year.

   A former Bronco Tight End has found a new home.