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Javon Walker 'Clears The Air'; Apologizes For Comments

Last Wednesday on MHR Radio I said the Broncos should do nothing regarding the comments Javon Walker.  Wait for cooler heads to prevail, let Javon cool off from a disappointing season, both personally and professionally.  We didn't have to wait too long.

Javon spoke out today, speaking to 103.5 FM in Colorado, about his comments and attempted to explain what he said and what he meant.  Apparently Javon had done interviews with 103.5 all season.

You Can Listen To The Interview Here

Just Press Play

After listening to the interview, here is what I take from it --

--First, the guys doing the interview are schmucks.  Apparently, 103.5 is a rock station, or at least is not a sports station.  Obviously they know little about the Broncos and football in general.  One of the schmoes called Javon 'Brandon' at least 4 times.  

--Javon wants to get paid, plain and simple.  He is not going to take a pay cut.  He is in the first year of his extension and has no intention to take a pay cut, based simply on getting injured.

--Walker does say the "paying part is not a big factor.  I just want to go out and play and catch balls.  Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to catch 100 balls."

--When asked specifically if he wanted to be traded, Javon said he never asked to be traded and wants to play in Denver, as long as the Broncos want to keep him.

--It is obvious that Javon wants the ball, period.  

--Walker is annoyed by what some sports talkers in Denver had said, including someone who said Walker was a cancer.

--"This is far different than a Green Bay situation.  I came back, kept my promise, then got hurt."

--"I don't mind having a great player on the other side of me helping me be better.  I just want my fair chance.  I want a fair opportunity."

Feel free to listen to the interview and form your own opinion.  My feeling on Walker and the situation has not changed.  Walker is a sentimental guy.  He is an emotional guy.  He had a tough year, was forced to watch Brandon Marshall catch 100 balls and have a huge year, and saw alot of people suddenly "give up" on him.  He said the same thing a dozen different ways, even saying you aren't supposed to lose your job to injury."  Javon not only wants to get paid, but wants to be the #1.  

There is risk involved on both sides in this.  If the Broncos pick up the option, they are putting alot of faith, and cash, in a Wide Receiver who has missed most of the past two seasons.  If Walker "forces" his way out, he'll lose the money, and be forced to prove himself all over again.  

To his credit, Walker did apologize 3 or 4 times, comparing his comments to a "15-yard personal foul".  Solid comparison.  Now the ball is squarely in the Bronco's court.  I'll say the same thing I said last week.  Javon will be a Bronco in 2008.