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Dre Bly Fined 20K For Criticizing Officials

Dre Bly is walking around a bit lighter these days, at least in his wallet.  The NFL announced that Bly was to be find $20,000 for negative comments about the officiating after the Broncos 24-17 loss to Jacksonville on Sunday.

Bly was particularly upset with an Illegal Contact call made against him that turned a potential 4th and 13 into an automatic first down.  On the play, Bly was thrown to the ground by Jags WR Reggie Williams yet it was Bly that dreew the flag.

"The first couple of games, I guess they've been evaluating us and saying we won games we shouldn't have won," Bly said after the game. "So I guess they're going to get a call against us."

Bly plans to appeal the fine.

Bly wasn't backing down from the statements as recently as yesterday when he stood by his post game remarks.

"I wasn't cussing them or [saying] he was a bad guy," Bly said. "I just said it was judgment calls. But I thought they were bad calls to make at [a] critical part of the game."