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Horse Tracks 10/2/08


Here's a Thursday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jay Cutler talked about what Brian Griese went through following John Elway.  See here

Cutler also talked about limiting turnovers.  See here

This story talked about Champ Bailey's aggressiveness.  See here

Michael Pittman still has a Bucs record.  See here

The Broncos have quite a connection to Virginia.  See here

Let's hope the Broncos can get back to running the ball more often.  See here

John Gruden talked about the conquered fader nation, Brian Griese and Michael Pittman.  See here

Denver must prepare for a tough defense.  See here

This story mentioned that the Bucs could have drafted Brandon Marshall.  Better us than them.  See here

Here's another story about Brian Griese.  See here and here

Former Bronco Rod Smith was involved in a political rally.  See here

Another former Bronco, Dominique Foxworth, is not playing much in Atlanta.  See here

Shanny is more than content with letting Al Davis talk.  See here

The Sporting News gave some keys to Sunday's game.  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

Shanny feels Lane Kiffin's pain from being fired by Al Davis.  See here

Former Bronco Travis Henry is arrested.  Not much more to say.  See here and here


That's all I have.  Have a good one!