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Which Teams a Broncos Fan Should Cheer For (week eight)

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So you're sitting there wondering which game to watch, and Denver isn't available.  Which team do you cheer for if you want the outcome to help Denver?  No problem; has you covered.

Remember, this has nothing to do with which teams we like or hate.  It is purely based on what outcomes best position Denver for the playoffs, and a good seeding once there. 

We're also rating the games on how important they are for Denver fans.  For instance, a Denver game, or a game that features a Denver division rival, gets near a 5, while a less important game gets a 1.  So given a choice of several games, you now know which one is more important to watch! 

Tonight there was a small crisis in my community that required my attention, and I just got home.  I have to head back to work in just a couple of hours, so forgive me for not ranking the games with my little math formula (er, uhm, the computer's formula).  No sleep for me! 

Let's feed the schedule into MHR's Super Computer and see what results we get...

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Take BAL over OAK - Always root against an AFC West rival of Denver.

Take CAR over ARI - While CAR has the better record, in this case we play CAR and not ARI.  Of the two NFC teams we want CAR to have a good record so that the "common opponents records" tie break goes in our favor.

Take TB over DAL - for the same reasons as CAR/ARI above, but with the added point that we have beaten TB.

Take DET over WAS - We play neither NFC team this year, and would rather have the lesser NFC team advance to the SB.

Take MIA over BUF - We play both AFC East teams, and want the one with a lesser record to win for tie break reasons (we are not yet in a wild card race, since we are winning our division).

Take STL over NE - Even though we play NE and not STL, always take the NFC team over the AFC team.

Take NO over SD - Biggest game of the week for Denver fans.  Keeps SD off of our backs for the division title, is NFC over AFC, and NO is a team we have beaten for common opponent tie breaks.  Yes, we beat SD too, so that balances out.  A SD loss this week is as good as a Denver win.  And the game is in England!  Watch it if you can, and root for NO!

Take the NYJs over KC - KC is an AFC West rival.  'Nuff said.

Take ATL over PHI - We play ATL this year, not PHI.  We need ATL to have a better record to boost our strength of sched.

Take CLE over JAX - Take the lesser team (even though we play JAX and not CLE).

Take CIN over HOU - CIN hasn't won a game, and can't compete with us for any kind of playoff seeding (realisticaly).

Take NYG over PIT - Always take the NFC over the AFC.

Take SEA over SF - Take the lesser NFC team record, though both are so bad it won't matter much.

Take TEN over IND - Root for the AFC team with the lesser record.

Denver has a bye this week.  Cheer for them anyway!