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Horse Tracks Weekend - October 4-5, 2008


Here's a sleep-in late, take a break and grab one last cup of coffee edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Jay Cutler raves about Brandon Marshall and it's obvious that he is Jay's favorite target.  Time to spread the wealth.  See here

This story talks about the numbers of safeties the Broncos have used.  See here

Denver's team ownership dispute has finally come to an end.  See here

Jay Cutler has become the poster child of Vanderbilt football.  See here

Despite former Bronco Brian Griese's return to Denver, the Broncos must win this game.  See here

Eddie Royal isn't just special as a WR, but he is also electric on punt returns.  See here

Here's quite a story on fromer Bronco Marlin Briscoe.  See here

As for Sunday's game, Cutler has to be patient with what Tampa's defense gives him.  See here

The Rocky Mountain News gives five keys as well as match-ups for a Broncos win.  See here and here

Dave Kreiger talks about the offense having to carry the defense.  See here

Denver's running game has to get in gear.  See here

There seems to be an eerie similarity between Jack "MF" Williams and the late Darrent Williams.  See here

The Colorado Springs Gazette had a story on Matt Prater.  See here

Fresh attitudes are paying off for Denver this year.  See here

Denver is quite happy with Dewayne Robertson.  See here

Bottom of the barrel:  Travis Henry edition

Shanny commented on Travis Henry's recent arrest.  See here and here

Mike Klis has an article about Henry running with wrong eithcs.  Sorry Mike, my definition of ethics is making good decisions when you have a set of good moral values.  Henry had NO moral values to start with.  It's hard to be "ethical" when there are no morals.  See here

Sorry for the rant at the end folks!  Have a great rest of the weekend!