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Here's Hoping 'GIRR' Is Wrong

I have noticed a pattern with the Broncos, one that has seemed to hold 99.3% of the time.  There may have been once, when Jake Plummer was quarterback, or John Elway, that the rule wasn't followed.  With any other position it is able as ironclad as can be,

Of course, I am talking about the Guru Injury Report Rule, GIRR for short.  The concept behind GIRR is pretty simple.  Look at the injruy report for the week, specifically on Friday.  If a player is listed as a 'Limited Participant' in Friday's practice they aren't going to play on Sunday.  Take a look, it has been 100% accurate this year.  It has been that way in the past as well.  Shanny is a huge believer that a player needs to fully participate in Friday's workout in order to be effective on Sunday.

I bring this up now becuase as much as I enjoy being right I want nothing more than to be wrong.  Six Broncos are listed as 'Questionable' on Friday's final injury report.  That means they are 50/50 to play.  Look deeper, however.  4 of those listed didn't fully participate in Friday's workout -- Andre Hall, Brandon Stokley, Tony Scheffler and Selvin Young.  The other two - Ryan Torain and Michael Pittman - participated fully on Friday.  Take a guess on who you think will be active and who won't be.

Being without any of the 4 that are likely to be out could be problematic.  To be without all of them could be down-right unrecoverable.  The Broncos offense has been running in place since Scheffler and Stokley went down, and while Hall got beat down for the fumbles in New England he has been the Broncos primary kick-off returner and has doen a decent job to say the least.  Selvin Young gives the Broncos some lighning at running back and the offense is definintely missing his speed.

Even if Pittman and Torain do play, and I believe they both will dress, what can the honest expectation be of both players.  Shanny said as much this week, saying he would rather hold Torain out of the gaem to 'give him more time' rehabbing his injured elbow.

The offense needs to give the defense as much help as possible, and alot of that has to come from the running game.  Without Young or Hall, and with Torain and Pittman at less than 100%, where is the production going to come from?

Some of that could be assited with a healthy Brandon Stokley and Tony Scheffler to take the pressure off of Brandon Marshall, but that looks less and less likely.  One thing is for sure, a few of those listed above will be wearing street clothes.  Who, and how many, will likely determine if the Broncos take control of the AFC West, or continue their mid-season free-fall.  I sure hope GIRR is off the mark!