A Bronco Fan Christmas List

For me it is never to early to start thinking ahead. I enjoy speculating and portraying the role of GM, even though I am totally out of my league and often change my mind.  Without further ado here is what I hope Denver does this offseason. The estimated salary cap should increase about $7 million to approx. $123 million giving Denver roughly 30 million to play with. I found this on the Broncos web site. The sources are mentioned below. I only copied and pasted this information. Then the wishlist below

2008 Approx Cap Info

Champ Bailey $12.687m
Dre Bly $4.55m
Dan Graham $4.1m
Dwayne Robertson $4m
Ben Hamilton $3.81m
Ryan Clady $3.8m (Estimate based on PFW's new cap numbers as at 26/08/08)
Patrick Ramsey $3.178m
Brandon Stokley $2.597m
Jay Cutler $2.325m
Marlon McCree $2m
Jarvis Moss $1.97m
John Engelberger $1.785m
Jamie Winborn $1.75m
DJ Williams $1.626m
Boss Bailey $1.56m
Darrell Jackson $1.5m
Niko Koutouvides $1.27m
Ebeneezer Ekuban $1.23m
Marquand Manuel $1.08m
Casey Wiegmann $980k
Louis Green $950k
Karl Paymah $927k
Nate Webster $830k
Nate Jackson $818k
Mike Leach $805k
Eddie Royal $758k
Tony Scheffler $693k
Tim Crowder $629k
Kenny Peterson $615k
Josh Shaw $615k
Vernon Fox $615k
Chad Mustard $615k
Ryan Harris $571k
Brandon Marshall $560k
Elvis Dumervil $545k
Marcus Thomas $487k
Chris Kuper $484k
Michael Pittman $455k
Erik Pears $455k
Calvin Lowry $455k
Glenn Martinez $455k
Kory Lichtensteiger $426k
Jack Williams $418k
Selvin Young $380k
Andre Hall $380k
Nic Clemons $380k
Matt Prater $380k
Ryan Torain $355k
Spencer Larsen $330k
Peyton Hillis $317k
Tyler Polumbus $310k
Brett Kern $310k
Wesley Woodyard $310k
__________________________________________________ _____________________
Top 53 on roster = $75.261m

Injured Reserve/PUP
Edell Shepherd $455k-subject to an injury settlement
Carlton Powell $350k
Anthony Alridge $310k
Tom Nalen $4.1m
Clifford Russell $615k


Practice Squad

Josh Barrett S $88k
Mitch Erickson OT $88k
Darrell Hackney QB $88k
Steven Harris DT $88k
Ryan McBean DE $88k
PJ Pope RB $88k
Roderick Rogers S $88k
Josh Bell CB $88k


Dead Cap Room: This is based on 2008 releases/retirements all hitting on 2008 cap bar Travis Henry as he was a post June release, which they are to date according to RMN 09/03/08.

Javon Walker $6.8m
Ian Gold $3.5m
Al Wilson $4.2m
Gerard Warren $2.26m
Rod Smith $2.046m
Matt Lepsis $5m
Travis Henry $1.2m
Montrae Holland $1m
John Lynch $900k
Greg Eslinger $42k
Brian Clark $4k
Domerink Hixon $192k
Warrick Holdman $25k
Paul Smith $200k
Mike Bell $7k
Samie Parker $40k
Lorne Sam $7k
Garrett Hackney $7k
Josh Barrett $14k
Mitch Eriksson $15k
Alvin McKinley $725k
Cecil Sapp $140k
Keary Colbert $833k

Total dead cap room=$29.157m

Total cap =$111.122m

Broncos total cap room = $117.252m

Cap room available estimate = $6.13m

Dead Money for 2009

Travis Henry $3.6m
Lorne Sam $13k
Garrett Hackney $13k
Josh Barrett $42k
Mitch Eriksson $15k
Alvin McKinley $625k
Keary Colbert $1.66m

Total $5.97m

The Broncos currently have 58 players on the payroll for 2008 with a total cap charge of approx $111m. Approx $29m is tied up in dead cap space.
So somewhere around $6.2m under the estimated 2008 cap.

The estimated salary cap for 2009 should jump by another $7m or thereabouts to $123m. An approximate estimate currently has the Broncos at $90.8m with 45 players under contract. So approx $32.2m under the cap for 2009 at present.

The more startling issue in terms of the Broncos finances this season are the differences in bonus payouts.

2006 $44m
2007 $73m-including: Bailey $5.5m, Bly $7.4m, Cutler $12.3m, Graham $10.2m Henry $6.1m, Walker $10m, Lepsis $3.2m, Moss $3.2m
2008 $53.6m to date based on most SB's hitting this season. These figures include Bly $9m, Graham $5m, Moss $4.5m, Stokley $5m, B Bailey $4.3m, Robertson $3.1m, Royal $1.85m, Colbert $2.5, Koutouvides $2m.
2009 $24m allocated thus far the majority belongs to DJ Williams $10m (estimate), Robertson $3m and Bailey $3m roster bonus.

More updates will follow shortly including cap room for 2009 and cash spent comparisons with other franchises for 2008 and comparing previous years

The above information is as accurate as possible utilising resources such as USA Today salary database, NFLPA, Rotoworld, Mile Hile Report, Denver Post, RMN, CBS, PFW etc.

Cap room is approximately up to date as the RMN confirmed that the Broncos were just over $15m under the cap prior to the Boss Bailey/Marlon McCree/Marquand Manuel signings

Cap Room = $5.2m as per PFW figures on 26/08/08 prior to the roster cutdown from 80 and Holland's trade.


Patrick Ramsey QB No2

Michael Pittman RB No3 FB

Darrell Jackson WR No3
Edell Shepherd WR IR

Erik Pears OT No2 LT
Tom Nalen OC Starter

Ebeneezer Ekuban DE Back-Up
Kenny Peterson DT Back-Up

Nate Webster LB Starter

Karl Paymah CB Dime

Marlon McCree S Starter

Here is what think -

Champ hopefully restructures his deal and Boss is gone. Woodyard is the healthier cheaper version with Winborn the veteran backup.  Patrick Ramsey, D. Robertson and Dre Bly see ya. They are all too pricey.  Paymah, Peterson and Ekuban I will resign on the cheap, I don't think they have a ton of market value and probably don't want to sell their house in this market.  Everyone else is gone, with an open invitation to Nalen, he plays as long as he wants.

Now, I resign Jay and Beast Marsh to really long term deals, like until when their kids are out of college. Along with them I resign Kuper and Scheffler.


In free agency I only want one player, a difference maker on the D-Line. I would go get Julius Peppers, hopefully to a long term cap friendly deal, I will say a 4-5 year deal. That is all I want out of free agency just him.  I think Jarvis Moss has the desire and he definitely has the tools. My only wish for him is that he just get stronger. Bench press young man and you are going to pro bowls.

Now for the draft, I would like to make a big splash in 2009, because the team is young and can sustain the few extra picks traded to move up and nab talent but the money may not be there. First off I figure out when Rey Maualuga is going to get drafted and start working the phones. I love his size. At 260 pounds we could have DJ catch em and Maualuga thump em!  Then I target Foster the RB from Tennessee. I think he will be there in round two and he's a bruiser. *Shanny just may take two backs next year due to all the injuries this season. It may reinforce the depth issue.*  Next I trade back into the second round and nab a talented DT and am finished on day one.  On day two I hope to find a Corner, DT, O-lineman. The secondary is young and talented they just need to learn the basics, I think Barrett and Lowry will make a nice tandem once they mature. They have speed and seem to play hungry.

So I wish for some restructuring, a hand picked FA and some trading up in the draft; is that so much ask?

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