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Horse Tracks Returns!


Welcome to the return of Horse Tracks, your daily cup of Orange and Blue coffee to help you get your day started.  Without further ado....

Denver Post

Our friend Lindsay Jones takes a look at the backup linebackers and how they have stepped up during a tough stretch for the Broncos.

Peyton Hillis is going to be "The Man" at running back for the Broncos

Jason Elam is looking forward to seeing some old friends this weekend

Rocky Mountain News

Lee Rasizer believes both teams have made out when it comes to the place kicking responsibilities.

The offense is adjusting to life with few options at running back.

The Gazette

Champ Bailey is going to test out his injured groin later today.

Mike Shanahan is definitely not a fan of "Glove-Gate"


For some reason, Bill Williamson likes to compare Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler