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How Eddie Royal Stacks Up

This was a comment in another post but thought it had the legs to stand on its own --

I’m pretty sure people think of Randy Moss when they think of the best rookie seasons for a WR. Well, though he may not be the physical specimin that Moss is, Eddie Royal may put up better overall numbers in his first year. Check it out…

Randy Moss

69 Rec 1,313 yards 19.0 avg 61T long 7 TDs

Eddie Royal

52 Rec 625 yards 12.0 avg 93T long 4 TDs

Difference between the two

-17 Rec -688 yards -7.0 avg +32 long -3 TDs

Barring injury, Eddie will pass Moss in receptions and TDs and has the chance to pass him in reception yards. When it’s all said and done, Royal may have one the greatest rookie seasons for a WR that nobody will notice (outside us of course).

I’ll also go on record as saying this the 2008 NFL draft class is freaking awesome. Incredible how many game changers came out this year (Ryan, Clady, Flacco, Royal, DeSean Jackson, C. Johnson, etc etc etc…)

Thanks to BCFunk for posting and for bringing it to our attention.  Think about the year Royal is having.  Moss had an incredible year, but also had Cris Carter, who will one day be in the Hall of Fame, on the other side.  Brandon Marshall is a solid wide receiver but he is no Cris Carter at this point.  The Vikings also had a 1500 yard runner in Robert Smith.  The Broncos are struggling to find anyone to run the football consistently due to injuries.

I have blasted Mike Shanahan and the organization on their drafting habits in the past, but Eddie Royal seems like a keeper.