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Horse Tracks 11/12/08

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Here's a Wednesday edition of Horse Tracks.  Enjoy!

Mike Klis had some mail to reply to.  See here

Looks like the Seachickens let former Bronco Keary Colbert loose.  See here

This article suggests that the Broncos better keep scoring in high amounts if they want to win the division.  See here

Looks like Tatum Bell was eating a lot of humble pie before being re-signed to the roster.  See here

Jay Cutler won't let mistakes take his confidence away.  See here

Sam Adams had some comments on his open mic.  See here

Eddie Royal is bringing something that is unexpected for rookies: poise.  See here

Domonique Foxworth is giving Culter a large load of respect.  See here

Former Bronco Matt Lepsis will be speaking at a church in the Dallas area.  See here

Another former Bronco, Jeremiah Castile, also had a speaking engagement.  See here

This could be some big news.  Atlanta will be missing thier starting left tackle on Sunday.  See here

Bottom of the Barrel

While this story talked about Browns fans, it is evident that it's not too safe to take a family to a game these days.  See here


That's all I have today.  Enjoy your Wednesday!  Sorry for not being around very much.