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Denver Broncos 24 - Atlanta Falcons 20 -- Broncos Keep On Rollin' Baby!

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Category Broncos Falcons
Score 24 20
Rushing Yards
124 114
Passing Yards
208 250
Total Yards 332 364
T.O.P 26:18


Guts, Heart, Determination. All three can be used to talk about our football team. Other teams and fans will talk about injuries and use them as an excuse. We will not.  We will only persevere and overcome.  The Denver Broncos were 4-4, coming off a tough home loss to the Miami Dolpins.  A season was on the brink.  People were questioning the coach, the quarterback, the stat wide receiver.  Everything seemed to be caving in on the Broncos.  All hope seemed lost.

Heading into the Cleveland game, many were starting to question Mike Shanahan.  Was his message being tuned out after so many years in the same locker room?  After falling behind by 13 in the 2nd half to the Browns, things looked bleak.  Then, like the Phoenix, the Broncos rose from the fiery ashes of a season on the brink and beat the Browns. 

Today, with the injuries continuing to pile up.  With a rookie 7th round draft pick forced to start on offense AND defense, the Broncos once again rose form the ashes, on the road, and snatched victory from the grasps of their opponents.  It wasn't pretty, but it was a W.  The Broncos had everything working against them, injuries, mental mistakes by young players, and "The Streak".  Teams traveling from the MST or PST and playing a game at 1:00PM EST had lost 15 games in a row.  Make that record 1-15, as the Broncos got it done.

The Broncos sit at 6-4, and at the end of the day, when we convene for MHR Radio Postgame, it could be a 2 game lead in the AFC West with 6 games to go.  Oakland comes to town next week, while the Chargers host Indy.  Much more to be made about those games this week.  Until then, talk about a huge win right here, as well as the Chargers/Steelers.

NOTE:  A Tip of the MHR cap to Dave the Falconer and everyone at The Falcoholic for a great week of cross-blogging.  It was a pleasure to cross-blog with such a classy fan-base.