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Horse Tracks - 11/17/08


Monday Mornings are always better after a Broncos win.  Orange and Blue coffee tastes that much better as well.  Here is you Monday edition of Horse Tracks --


The Broncos are using spare parts to find ways to win

Like "Little Orphan Annie" or "Oliver Twist", the Broncos are a heart-warming story.

Spencer Larson is a throw-back player after starting on all three sides of the ball.

Jay Cutler is calm, cool in the clutch.

Broncos running game getting it done by committee

Pads have helped Broncos defense get better.


The RMN also discusses the Broncos replacement parts.

Rookie Josh Bell is quickly ascending up the depth chart

More on the Broncos running game

Broncos defense has the final word against Falcons running game

Spencer Larson downplays his historic day


Big Bill's quick thoughts on the Broncos win

Big Bill also discusses the Broncos foothold on the AFC West

Jake Plummer has a new passion to keep him busy


It took an all-around effortt to beat the Falcons