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Miami Dolphins 26 - Denver Broncos 17 - Post Game Quotes - Mike Shanahan

Opening statement
"Our game plan going in was to run the football. Obviously we didn't do this in the first half. I think our average third down distance was third-and-nine. Obviously we have to improve in that area to be the team that we want to be. We did not do a very good job offensively. Defensively, they did enough to keep us in the game. We had some opportunities in the second half on offense and just weren't able to move the football the way I thought we'd be able to do. Credit to them [Broncos defense], they've done a good job with the rushing defense: 3.7 yards per carry. Obviously, very embarrassing to go out there and run the football the way we did. When [RB] Michael Pittman went down, obviously we went to a kind of different game plan early in the second quarter, and we did that by necessity."

On the Dolphins game plan today
"They played pretty consistently all year, that's what they do. A 3-4 scheme and they changed the coverages but they have just done a good job...much better than we did today."

On FB Peyton Hillis' performance
"Well, he did a good job. Obviously he's a very skilled fullback. He made a couple big plays today, we could see that. He's got a lot of ability. He needs to get a little better in the blocking area. He's the type of fullback that will be consistently the fullback we need in the running game, but his passing skills are Pro Bowl material, so hopefully he keeps on improving in that area."

On WR Brandon Marshall's performance
"I think if he catches that one [touchdown called back for pass interference], the stats for that one catch would probably change your mind. I can't really talk
specifically on Brandon Marshall and we'll probably take a look at the film."

On receiving an explanation from the official on the pass interference call against Marshall
"No, I didn't. It was offensive pass interference and he pushed him. When I looked up at the replay, it looked like normal one-on-one coverage. I couldn't tell from the replay. Sometimes we don't get the right call. To me when I looked at it, it looked like a normal bump."

On Jay's interceptions and is he fighting himself
"You try to make that one on the third make a play early. The other one was a misread. The safety looked like he was going to go in the slant route. He came out and that was for the touchdown. Hopefully, you like to have those back. The other one, he was trying to make a play at the end of the game. Third down and long, and he's not afraid to throw it up, and sometimes it will be intercepted. I thought he made a few great plays at the end of the game to get us in it. Obviously, an onside kick and it was close, but we didn't get it done."

On LB D.J. Williams' injury
"MCL -- Right now I can't give you a time frame."

On RB Michael Pittman's injury
"Same thing - that neck stinger. That's why he didn't come back. It's an ongoing injury, so that's not good."

On RB Ryan Torain's debut
"When you get a chance, you know you get in a situation where [RB] Andre Hall had missed a couple practices. He [Hall] was a little better on Friday, I'm glad we suited him up because he was able to go in there for Pittman in a passion situation. Ryan's not quite ready for that yet. I thought for his first day that was a good experience and hopefully he just keeps getting better."

On his concern about the injuries
"Obviously we're very concerned, but we're going to work on special teams tomorrow and get our game plan together. Tuesday will be like a Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday practice, so the guys that are healthy will go. As we know, injuries are going to happen in the National Football League so guys need to step up and fill in and obviously make some plays. "

On the attitude and efforts of the team
"I thought we had some excellent effort out there today. I thought we got a little tired of their receivers there in that fourth quarter. We were dead going up and down the field but we were working on improving our rush defense."