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Which Teams a Broncos Fan Should Cheer For (week twelve)


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 So you're sitting there wondering which game to watch, and Denver isn't available.  Which team do you cheer for if you want the outcome to help Denver?  No problem; has you covered.

Remember, this has nothing to do with which teams we like or hate.  It is purely based on what outcomes best position Denver for the playoffs, and a good seeding once there. 

We're also rating the games on how important they are for Denver fans.  For instance, a Denver game, or a game that features a Denver division rival, gets near a 5, while a less important game gets a 1.  So given a choice of several games, you now know which one is more important to watch!  (Teams for Denver fans to cheer for are in CAPS). 

Let's feed the schedule into MHR's Super Computer and see what results we get...

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Some very major changes go into the calculation settings for this week.

  1. It is assumed that Denver must win the division.  If SD takes the division, a wildcard is very unlikely.
  2. It is also assumed that, given the tight grouping below the Titans and the difficulty of schedules for the seed teams we are competing against, that the next highest priority to winning the division is winning a seeding between 4 and 2.
  3. Given the above parameters, many games at this late point in the season lose any significance, and are thus not listed.

Teams to root for are in caps.  Critical games are boldened.

PHI at bal - Take the NFC over the AFC

nyj at TENN (4.8) - We are competing with the Jets for seeding.  TENN is first seed, and out of range

MINN at jax (2) - Take the NFC over the AFC

BUF at kc (4) - Root against AFC West teams

ne at mia (-0-) - Same record; both could be competing for a seed against us.  mia leads ne by a fraction in tiebreaker, but it doesn't affect us.  Root for the team you think is the weaker of the two

oak at DEN (5+) - Always take Denver

IND at sd (4.9) - If we don't win the division, a wildcard slot is very unlikely

Root against the following teams for seed help:

  • Pitt
  • Any team in the AFC East that either has more wins, or a similar record to Denver
  • SD