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MileHighReport is looking for a few good men, or women, or....

Mile High Report is looking for your help.

We are trying to round out our front page, regularly scheduled content, and we realize that we have no "stats guy."

Do you know the difference between DVOA and DPAR? Is KUBIAK more than just Elways backup and Houston's head coach? When you try to solve a Bronco's problem do you find yourself scanning the stat lines for clues?

We could use you.

We are looking for help digging up statistics to back up arguments, original ideas regarding the numbers Broncos past and present have put up, and insightful analysis of trends and where they may be leading. More than just a number cruncher, we are looking for someone who loves to dig down into those numbers and find the information, the correlations and the explanations behind the box score. Sometimes those numbers are the only thing between us and the truth, and only a guide who understands can lead us through or around them. If you have an idea for a regular analysis that can be a weekly affair, that is even better, and if you can't get enough of the Broncos, and spend your offseason as involved as you do your Sundays, then there is no question that you are our guy or gal.

We aren't expecting constant brilliant analysis, but we would like to see a passion for the pursuit of that kind of insight. We understand as well as anyone that keeping your eye on the goal is half the battle. The other half is the grit and tenacity to stick with plans, and by that light we will be requiring a minimum of one post every week. A requirement is a challenge, and can even be a deal breaker, but we know you can do it. And if you show that you can do it, then you will have the support of guys who will have your back when you can't.

We are prepared to offer significant pay, in the form of empty promises of loose women (or men) and grog. No, don't thank us. It is our pleasure.

If you are interested email Guru at and supply some examples of what you can do, or point us towards your work if you have it posted elsewhere.

We are looking forward to working with you!