In the Trenches v the Jets

I enjoy watching the performance of our offensive and defensive lines each week. I try to look ahead to get a feel for our upcoming opponent and then read HT’s Chalk talk to try to make some sense of what might happen once the ball is snapped. Following is what I have come up with for the Jets and if Bronco fans enjoy this or find it useful I will do it each week.


When Denver has the ball we will face a Fairbanks-Bullough 3-4 defense anchored by one of the best Nose Tackles in the entire NFL. # 77 Kris Jenkins is 6’4” and 349 lbs. He is in his 8th season and the Jets snared him away from Carolina. He plays the two gap zero technique as well as any NT in the league and is the main reason teams find it difficult to run up the middle against the Jets. He is strong and agile and consumes offensive linemen. This allows the quick linebackers of the Jets to make plays. On the left Jenkins is flanked by #92 Shaun Ellis. Ellis is 6’5” and 285 lbs. and is in his 9th year. At right end the Jets start #93 Kenyon Coleman who is 6’5” and 295 lbs. and in his seventh year. At linebacker the Jets have #97 Calvin Pace on the right outside. Pace is 6’4” and 270 lbs. and is a sixth year veteran. Next to him on the inside is #50 Eric Barton who is 6’2” and 245lbs. and a 10 year veteran. Barton is known to the Broncos from his six years with the raiders right after the turn of the century. The left outside linebacker is 6’4” 266 lb. Bryan Thomas who sports #99. Thomas is in his seventh year. #52 David Harris is the starter at left inside linebacker but he is listed as questionable and only practiced partially. He is 6’2” and 243 lbs. and is in his second year. If he cannot play he will likely be replaced by fifth year man #53 Cody Spenser who is 6’2” and 254 lbs. The other linebacker we might see is rookie Vernon Gholston out of Ohio State. He plays in the middle and is 6’3” and 264 lbs. and wears #56.



 I really think that HT is on to something when he talks about our need to run the ball. The reason I have listed every players dimensions is to illustrate that while the Jets are an experienced team, our zone blocking offensive line will have a pretty significant size advantage all across the front seven with the exception of Jenkins. I think we can get four and five yards up the middle nearly all the time and as Jenkins wears out we can get downfield blocking and spring some much longer runs in the third and fourth quarter.


When the Jets have the ball we will face another experienced offensive line. They are anchored by their center #74 Nicholas Mangold who is 6’4” and 300 lbs. He is in his third year. The right guard is #65 Brandon Moore. Moore is 6’3” and 295 lbs and is a 6th year veteran. The right tackle is Damien Woody who wears #67 and is 6’3” and 335 lbs. He is a ten year veteran. The left guard is the venerable Alan Faneca. Faneca is an 11 year veteran and is 6’5” and 307 lbs. The left tackle is 6’6” 312 lb. D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Ferguson wears #60 and is a third year man. This line has done a great job of run blocking but they have surrendered 25 sacks of Farve. We really need DOOM to have a great game this week.


I really think we can do this. We need to win the trenches and we have the size and speed to win both of the wars in the trenches. We need to control the TOP and that means running the ball. We need to stop their running game with seven and get some pressure on Farve. GO BRONCOS!


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