Running backs looking forward

I am sitting here watching the Clemson - South Carolina game and browsing through MHR. In calvinandhobbes' post on the Broncos running game, Colinski points out a simulation web site  which is very to fun to mess around with. Colinski also shares with me that a name that keeps coming up in simulations for the Broncos is James Davis in the 3rd round. Apparently there isn't a huge need for RB this year and couple that with the fact there will be depth at that position, the Broncos may be able to fill other needs first, like DT or Safety, and still get a really good running back in the 3rd round.

As I am typing this, James Davis just broke to the outside for about a 28 yard TD run to make it 24 - 0  and I am thinking, this kid looks good. Then I started to wonder what the other guys look like. Then I decided to share it with you all.

I know we are in the middle of a playoff run, the season is still ongoing, but with great game posts like the ones that HoosierTeacher and Firstfan have given us, I decided to look around the corner. In my opinion the best NFL teams of all time had one thing in common, a great QB, a great WR and a great RB.

The Steelers - Bradshaw, Swann and Franco Harris.

The Cowboys - Aikman, Irvin and Emmit Smith

The Niners - Montana, Rice and Roger Craig

The Broncos - Elway, Smith and Terrell Davis

Our current Broncos have Cutler, Marshall and ....    I think we are missing a top flight, blue chip running back.  In 2-4 years these kids will all be in their prime and bringing rings to the Rockies.

I looked at the top 25 best NFL prospects at RB according to The top ten players have youtube highlights and I apologize if the clarity on some of the video isn't the greatest quality.

1. Chris Wells, Ohio State (Junior) Beanie Baby!
2. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia (3rd year sophomore) Do you Knowshon?
3. LeSean McCoy, Pitt (3rd year sophomore) The real McCoy!
4. James Davis, Clemson Davis highlights
5. Javon Ringer, Michigan State He's a Ringer!
6. C.J. Spiller, Clemson (Junior) Speed, speed and more speed
7. Mike Goodson, Texas A&M (Junior) Shifty and quick!
8. Marlon Lucky, Nebraska Lucky skills
9. DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma (3rd year sophomore) DeMarco is Da' man!
10. Arian Foster, Tennessee Foster is a bruiser!

The best of the rest,

11. Keegan Herring, Arizona State
12. P.J. Hill, Wisconsin (Junior)
13. Ben Tate, Auburn (Junior)
14. Damion Fletcher, Southern Miss (Junior)
15. Mikell Simpson, Virginia (Junior)
16. Tyrell Sutton, Northwestern
17. Ian Johnson, Boise State
18. Keiland Williams, LSU (Junior)
19. Maurice Wells, Ohio State
20. Jorvorskie Lane, Texas A&M (FB)
21. Javarris James, Miami (Junior)
22. Andre Brown, NC State
23. Anthony Allen, Louisville (Junior)
24. Kory Sheets, Purdue
25. Rodney Ferguson, New Mexico

If you are like me Sunday can't come fast enough. In the meantime playing around with the Simulator, as Colinski said, is a fun way to create different mock drafts by prioritizing the Broncos needs. You may even be able to totally convince yourself that we need a running back, kinda like I did!

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