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Miami Dolphins 26 - Denver Broncos 17 - Post Game Quotes - Jay Cutler


"I felt good going into the game. We just have to go back and look at the film."
On the biggest issue offensively "Turnovers; it’s that simple. When the first pass gets picked, it sets things back a bit."

On WR Brandon Marshall’s touchdown pass interference penalty

"It hurts when you have an 80-yarder called back, but we had other opportunities."

On the short week
"You have good games and bad games as a quarterback. This was a bad game. We have a quick turnaround this week against Cleveland which can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully, it’s a good thing."

On FB Peyton Hillis’ performance
"We knew he was capable of that; that he could do some good things offensively. If he can block better and get into games more often, he will be able to help us out in the passing game."

On the crowd’s booing after the interception
"I’m not worried about that. Whenever you throw two picks like that, the crowd is going to get on you. I’m not worried about it."

On Miami’s defense
"They were putting eight in the box and spreading things out pretty good, it was deceiving."

On turning the season around

"We need to get back to what we were doing those three or four games. We’re not there execution wise. The plays are there, but we just aren’t executing."