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Lack of Attention, Shoddy Defense Push Marshall Over the Edge

Brandon Marshall is an incredible talent.  He also play wide receiver.  Most times, those two things aren't a very good combination when things aren't going well and the ball isn't coming your way.  Both are happening now for the Broncos and Marshall, who didn't catch a pass or see one thrown his way until the 2nd Half of yesterday's 26-17 loss to the Dolphins.  There was also that bogus pass interference penalty on Marshall that nagated an 80 yard TD strike that would have given the Broncos the lead.

Whatever the reason, Marshall had plenty to say after the game, as did Joey Porter.  First, let's see what Porter had to say about Marshall --

He’s one of those guys that if he don’t get the ball in the first two series in the first quarter, he’s out of it.  He had 18 catches in a game before. So he’s not used to going the whole first half with no balls. We got in his head and he pretty much was done. 

I didn’t get inside his head, we just were talkin’. He got in his own head.  He was done.  He’s one of those soft receivers, where he has to have the ball all the time. If he don’t get it, he’s going to mope and cry. He did it to himself.

Tough words, to be sure, but are they accurate?  Here is what Marshall had to say, first about his quarterback --

When the quarterback sees 1-high or cover-1 (coverage), he’s got to be on the same page as me and get the ball to me, but it’s a team game, and oh, well.

Oh, well??

Marshall also expressed his frustration at the Broncos inability to take advantage of a Dolphins defense that was selling out to stop the run --

I mean, when I look at it, it’s common sense. If I was a receiver going against our defense and they’re stacking the box and we’re playing a 1-high defense and eight in the box, and the DBs are 10 yards off of me, I’m going to catch 10, 12 balls a game.

On the performance of the Broncos pass defense, Marshall had more to say --

I mean, I don’t even know that (Miami) receiver’s name who caught all those balls.  It’s simple.  Tighten up the coverage and just play ball. It’s simple. It’s real simple. They don’t need to be 10 yards off. Tighten it up. You see they don’t do that against us. The reason why is because a receiver will kill them. I don’t even know the name of that receiver. Don’t know it

Marshall is talking of Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo, of course.  Camarillo had a career day, catching 11 passes for 111 yards, mostly against Karl Paymah.  Can't say that I don't agree with Marshall on his point.  The Broncos inexplicably played a soft coverage against a quarterback that doesn't throw the ball deep all that often.

When asked about the critical pass interference penalty, Marshall tried to be diplomatic --

There was definitely some contact, but this type of game, this type of environment, you’ve got to let us play, It’s a physical game.  I mean, the refs did a great job today.

Nice try, Brandon.

There is trouble brewing in the land of Orange and Blue.  Sure, it is likely that there is nothing going on that a little winning won't fix, but each week that is appearing harder and harder as injuiries and inconsistent play continue.

It's a short week and the Broncos don't have long to right the wrongs.  Perhaps that is a good thing, for the offense, the defense, and a QB/WR combo this team needs to be successful