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Denver Broncos 34 - New York Jets 17 Post Game Thread -- Overcoming Adversity Key To Victory


Category Broncos Jets
Score 34 17
Rushing Yards
127 142
Passing Yards
357 241
Total Yards 484 383
T.O.P 31:55


The Denver Broncos looked the part of a team that was lost.  Beaten and battered both physically and mentally after getting crushed by the Oakland Raiders last week.  Sometimes the best thing for a team that has the world against them is a trip on the road against a team that no one believes they can beat.  That's exactly what the Broncos had facing them this week and they did what any mentally tough team would do.  They played their asses off, took advantage of opportunities and overcame adversity to win a hard fought football game.

The last part might be the most important.  The Jets were able to score on two long running plays.  The Jets turned the Broncos over in the Red Zone.  Hell, the Jets had Brett Favre.  None of it mattered to the Broncos who got up early and never looked back.

There were plenty of heros today, but we'll start with Jay Cutler(27/43 - 357 yards, 2TD, 1INT), who came back from an awful performance last week to play extremely well in a very tough environment.  The Meadowlands is a tough place to play on a calm day let alone when the weather is bad.  Cutler looked good, threw the ball well, and with the exception of one play, made good decisions with the football.  The Broncos win when Cutler plays well and both happened today.

Peyton Hillis(22 car. - 129 yards, 1TD) was a stud all day and the Broncos committed to the run more today than in any game in recent memory.  Cutler is still the motor that drives the car, but sometimes he needs a good tow every now and then and Hillis made that happen.

The Broncos defense, save a couple of mental lapses, played strong and forced the Jets to go the long way to score.  The defense got the Broncos on the board early as well, and any time you can get 7 points from the defense good things are bound to happen.

The Broncos now sit at 7-5, 3 full games up on the Chargers with 4 games to go.  The team will likely be much healthier next week with Champ Bailey and Nate Webster likely to return.  We could see D.J. Williams as well.  Any one that Broncos get back will be a huge plus, but it shouldn't be overlooked how well these guys played and just how valuable the experience will be moving forward.  Great Job Men!

As for next week, and those that follow, we'll take them one game at a time.  No one really knows what to expect from the the Orange and Blue, and in a season of so many ups and downs, I hope you like roller coasters because this ride is far from over!

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