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Big Bill's Take - Broncos Easy Opponent For Quinn

Well, one windbag has "weighed-in" with his thoughts on Brady Quinn getting his first career start on Thursday against the Broncos, Bill Williamson --

My thoughts on the Cleveland Browns deciding to start Brady Quinn in front of Derek Anderson on Thursday against Denver?

Good timing.

Don't discount the timing of this quarterback switch. The Browns are putting Quinn on the field against a beatable opposing defense. The Denver defense isn't exactly daunting for a quarterback. It will be a nice way for Quinn into ease into the job.

The Broncos have trouble stopping the run and the pass. Teams pick how they want to beat Denver. Through the air is a popular choice. Denver is ranked No. 27 in the NFL against the pass and opponents are completing a league high 70.6 percent of their passes against the Broncos.

Will Quinn have instant success? We'll see. But it's set up to be that way.

It's B dub-ya so it has to be right, doesn't it??