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Which Teams a Broncos Fan Should Cheer For (week ten)

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So you're sitting there wondering which game to watch, and Denver isn't available. Which team do you cheer for if you want the outcome to help Denver? No problem; has you covered.

Remember, this has nothing to do with which teams we like or hate. It is purely based on what outcomes best position Denver for the playoffs, and a good seeding once there.

We're also rating the games on how important they are for Denver fans. For instance, a Denver game, or a game that features a Denver division rival, gets near a 5, while a less important game gets a 1. So given a choice of several games, you now know which one is more important to watch! (Teams for Denver fans to cheer for are in CAPS).

Let's feed the schedule into MHR's Super Computer and see what results we get...

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We've recalibrated the supercomputer for a new algorithm. Based on the thought that DEN must win the division (a wild card for the AFC West looks very improbable), there are different priorities for which teams we need to win. Denver's win over Cleveland was great, and we need for SD to be upset by KC. We lead the division, even with a SD win, but we need as much distance between our teams as possible.

NO at atl (1.7) - Need a NO win for the strength of sched tie-break.

sea at MIA (2.4) - While this is AFC over NFC, we need MIA to win for strength of sched tie-break.

buf at NE (2.3) - We want the team ranked lower in opposing AFC divisions to knock off team ranked higher for an easier playoff sched.

stl at NYJ (2.2) - see sea at MIA above.

gb at MIN (1) - Root for the lesser ranked NFC team.

bal at HOU (2) - Root for the lesser ranked AFC team.

ten at CHI (2.7) - Root for the NFC over the AFC, and for conference leading tenn to have a difficult road to the first seed.

JAX at det (2.4) - see sea at MIA above.

CAR at oak (4) - Keep the AFC West rivals off our back.

IND at pit (2) - Root for the lesser ranked AFC team.

KC at sd (4.99) - Game of the week (next to the Broncos beating CLE). Root hard against sd from here on out.

nyg at PHI (1) - Root for the lesser NFC team.

SF at ari (2) - Root for the lesser AFC team.