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Carolina Cryin' -- Post Game Open Thread



Category Broncos Panthers
Score 10 30
Rushing Yards
121 147
Passing Yards
158 253
Total Yards 279 400
T.O.P 28:40


Talk about the game here.  If you dare.  Somehow, the complete collapse of the Chiefs today got me into a really sour mood before the Broncos/Panthers kicked off.  Perhaps some of that suckage rubbed off on the Orange and Blue.

Before today it was easy to say the Broncos had to be beaten by anyone but themselves.  Some of you could make the same argument today.  The Broncos went over the magical turnover plateau -- two -- which has signaled defeat all season.  The apparent game-plan -- throw the ball all over the field without so much as a bluff of a running game -- had alot to do with it as well.

All those things are true, but I credit the Carolina Panthers all the way.  They came out and played more physical football.  After the first quarter, the Broncos offense wasn't able to do a thing.  Well times blitz packages, coming from every direction, had a young offensive line struggling with the pickups.  The Panthers have elite defensive talent and today they played like it, I tip my cap to John Fox and company.

Whatever the hell Mike Shanahan was thinking at the end of the half, it wass dead wrong.  After the pass to Daniel Graham actually lost a yard the Broncos should have just let the clock run out, head to the locker room down 1 score and see what could be done to turn it around in the 2nd half. 

Instead, Shanny calls a timeout to call a running play deep in Broncos territory.  The result is a hand-off to Selvin Young, who has played very little in months, who fumbled the ball setting up a Panthers FG.  Now down double digits, the Broncos were in deep trouble.  In a lot of ways, the rest of the games a symantec.

The Broncos are still in EXCELLENT shape to win the division.  The Chargers head to Tampa while the Broncos come hom to play the Buffalo Bills.  It may take an extra week to clinch the division, but how sweet will it be to watch Charger's fans suffer for 7 more days before putting them out of their misery.