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Time For The Broncos To Grow Up and Win!

I'm going to say it right now, on the Monday morning after a bad loss.  I want to set the tone for the week, on this web-site at least --


That's right.  I am rooting for the Chargers.  I want San Diego to beat Tampa Bay next week.  I want Jay Cutler and the rest of the young Denver Broncos to play with that pressure of having everything they want right in front of them as long as they win a football game, at home, against a team they should beat.

Some of you won't agree with me, and that's ok.  I have only promised one thing since starting this website in August, 2006 -- MileHighReport will be the positive place on the web for Broncos fans to come and talk everything Orange and Blue -- being in agreement all the time was never part of the deal so I will accept it.  I just want the Broncos to earn their way in, not just earn, but earn, earn their way in. 

First off, should the Chargers lose to the Buccaneers, something that is entirely possible given the way San Diego has played on the road, I will celebrate a Division Championship just as hard and feel just as proud of this football team.  Again, some of you may disagree, some can't seem to get off the fact that the Chargers choke-job in 2008 has more to do with the Broncos winning than San Diego's lackluster play.

Hence the reason I will be rooting for Phyllis and L.T. and the rest of the Chargers to put the pressure on the Broncos.  This team needs to play with that edge.  At times they seem to play better because of it, at others, well, there is that San Francisco game in 2006.

Jay Cutler needs to play well and win a game when there is pressure, I mean real pressure on him to do so.  Yes, the heat was on in Cleveland, and again in Atlanta, and again in New York.  This heat is a bit different.  All week the Broncos are going to hear the "What-If" scenarios.  We have already started to see it in all the Denver papers.  They are calling the Buffalo game a must win, explaining how the Broncos will find a way to miss the playoffs. 

That's ok, that is their job.  They need to sell papers.  You've seen the headlines, the RMN is looking for a buyer and the DP is trying to cut $20 million in expenses.  Not here.  I won't play the doomsday scenario.  All year I have done my best to take a week-to-week approach, that each win or loss is nothing more or less than 1 game.  I'm not about to change now.

Lost in the fluff of negativity are these realities -- The Broncos are 8-6, two games up in the division with 2 games to play.  The Chargers travel to Tampa while the Broncos host the Buffalo Bills.  Tampa is still fighting for their playoff lives.  Buffalo is playing for draft position.  The Bills won't quit, I can guarantee you that, but don't confuse the sense of urgency each team will play with.

I have seen alot of negativity, alot of frustration, and trust me I share it.  But leave it to the MSM to dwell on it, to talk about how the Broncos may just play themselves out of the post-season.  They do it so well.  No, here at MileHighReport I want you to conjure up all the positive energy you can and send it to Denver and San Diego.  I want the Broncos to WIN this division by winning on the football field.  Either way is fine, but it would be just that much sweeter.