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Horse Tracks -- 12/17/08


Milehighreport_small_mediumBroncos quarterback Jay Cutler and receiver Brandon Marshall celebrated their first Pro Bowl honors Tuesday night by buying Christmas gifts for people other than themselves.

Milehighreport_small_mediumA plus, a Christmas bonus, a dab of frosting on the cake. But do the Broncos need to get to the playoffs and make something happen to validate their season? No.

Milehighreport_small_mediumI only mention it because Schlereth said something Monday night that hit home. The Chargers, he said, have had one major injury to deal with: Shawne Merriman. How many have the Broncos had to contend with?


Milehighreport_small_mediumThat's just how it is for some in pro football. Some have to change, evolve, be open to new things, or they might not play.

Milehighreport_small_mediumTheir immediate futures were clouded nine months ago.  Brandon Marshall was wearing a cumbersome cast on his right arm after delicate surgery, and Jay Cutler had just discovered he had developed type 1 diabetes.

Milehighreport_small_mediumNews arrives without surprise that Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are Pro Bowlers as they should be. This reflects accurately about where the Broncos are. These are the two that make it happen when it happens and they are at the center of whatever happens next.

Milehighreport_small_mediumWith a roster spot made available by waiving running back Cory Boyd Monday, the Broncos re-signed safety Herana-Daze Jones Tuesday. Jones had been signed to the active roster Dec. 4 and released last week.


Milehighreport_small_mediumThe Denver Broncos had their three-game road win streak snapped after losing 30-10 to a Carolina Panthers team that is still undefeated at home. Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler talked about the loss and the team's failure to clinch the AFC West on his CBS4 show Qwest Jay Cutler Live! He also welcomed strong safety Josh Barrett as his guest on the show.