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Let's Remember Who We Are Here

I'm upset about yesterday, just like all of you are.  We all need to take a deep breath, and calm down, though.  It's not time to panic, it's time to focus.  I know that that is what the coaching staff is telling the team right now, and I'm taking it upon myself to remind our fan base of it, because we're a big part of this too.

I reside in Cleveland, which is really a pretty good football town.  People here love the game, and love their Browns.  They frequently handicap the ability of their team to be successful, though, by overreacting to results, and calling the local egomaniac Radio Idiot, (with a definite capital R & I,) Mike Trivisonno, and hollering about how everybody needs to be fired and the whole thing needs to be blown up every 3-4 years.  Trivisonno acts really oppressed because he is a Browns fan, and the team never wins.  It's like it is some big conspiracy against him, that he was "born and raised in this cockamamie town."  (That is an actual quote from Sunday's show.)  He spews negativity, and whips the fan base up into a huge, counterproductive negative lather.  The Browns organization then pays too much attention to these well-meaning fans and Radio Idiots, and it's well known around the NFL that they allow them to unduly influence their decision-making.  Browns fans love football, and are tremendously loyal to their team, but they're a pretty un-knowledgeable and negative bunch, and this is a legitimate obstacle for their organization.

Broncos fans are known to be a very knowledgeable group, and even more than that, to be knowledge-seekers.  Look at the membership of MHR, and you'll see evidence of that.  We have positive discussions, and knowledge is shared from among the many people who possess it.  People actually frequently  come on this site and ASK QUESTIONS, of all things.  Browns fans spew opinions, and Broncos fan seek knowledge.  This is an enormous difference.

We're part of a great fan base here, and we can serve as good examples for those who need us to, such as the posters on other sites, or some inappropriately negative members of the media.  This site represents the very best of the Broncos Nation, and we need to remember that, and accept it as our responsibility. 

We're all upset, but there is a great opportunity ahead this week.  Nothing which has happened in the past has any bearing on what will happen in the future.  Football games are independent events, which are made up of many smaller independent events.  Reggie Corner knocking the ball out of Brandon Stokley's hands Sunday had nothing to do with any other play in the game.  There was an event, and an outcome, and it finalized the larger outcome of the larger event.  On Sunday night, there is a great opportunity, and we need to be positive for our team leading up to the game, and also after it, win or lose.

I'm a Denver Broncos fan, a member of the Broncos Nation, and a part of the staff of the best Broncos site on the internet.  No trolls, or members of the mainstream media who have no idea what they are talking about, or anybody else can cause me to act in a way which is counter-productive to the success of my team.  What we say and do matters, and we are a part of the team's success or failure. 

We're not fair-weather fans, like those of some other nameless teams, we're Broncos fans.  We all want what is best for our team, and we stick with them through good times and bad times.  Our fanhood has been challeged, but we won't waver, because that is not what a Denver Broncos fan does.  We'll seek knowledge, and have productive discussions, and evaluate our team objectively.  We'll renew our season tickets, or go to NYC for the draft, or watch every game on Directv.  We'll live and die with our Broncos, but we'll remember to see the big picture, and we'll realize that this season has been very much a net positive, regardless of the outcome of Sunday's game.  We're Broncos fans, which are the best kind of fans that there are.  Let's all get a hold of ourselves, and remember who we are.