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Chargers Take AFC West, Broncos Head Back To The Drawing Board


Category Broncos Chargers
Score 21 52
Rushing Yards
90 289
Passing Yards
316 202
Total Yards 406 491
T.O.P 23:40


There will be so many things said, so many things written and read over the next few days and weeks that there is no need to be first, or to pile on.  The Denver Broncos season, circa 2008, has come to an end, and while we are all disappointed, and it is ok to be pissed as well, there are alot of things we will take away from the 2008 season and move forward with.  We'll be getting to that in earnest as the days and weeks click by to free agency, then the draft.  For now, let's focus on tonight.

I'll start by sending a message of Congratulations to the San Diego Chargers and to DaBolts over at Bolts From The Blue.  I said three weeks ago that whom ever won the AFC West would be a deserving champion.  While we had hoped that would be the Broncos, in the end it just wasn't to be.  The Chargers maintain their stake to the division and are deserving.

Tonight's game was much like the entire season for the Broncos.  They started fast, seemed to be able to move the ball at will, missed some kicks, threw some interceptions, in each Red Zone, of course, and just didn't have enough when it mattered most to get over the hump.  Some of that is youth, some health.  The Chargers have more talent in their locker room, and the NFL is a talent-driven league.  The Broncos are on their way, and I think the Chargers have taken notice, but there is still work to be done and it will fall, we assume, to the Goodman's and Mike Shanahan to build a youthful defense with as much talent as the offense seemingly has.

One thing to be proud of was the resiliency the Broncos showed throughout the evening.  There were several times the Broncos could have packed it in but they didn't.  They played the entire 60 minutes with premium effort.  That was what The Quest was all about for me -- to see this team grow, mature, and give premium effort for 60 minutes.  The final results weren't always what we wanted, and there were times when the effort could have been questioned, but to me the Quest has been a success and tonight was a big reason why.

Talk about the game here, and try to remember the good we found but about the Broncos in 2008.  The Pro Bowl quarterback and wide receiver.  The rookie class they may be among the best ever in Denver history.  There are others and we'll have plenty of time to talk about it so for now I thank all of you and the Broncos themselves for the roller coaster ride that was 2008.   We know what we have to do, now let's go do it.

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