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NFL Coaches On The Chopping Block -- Open Thread

Team's are wasting no time this morning ridding themselves of coaches that no longer fit the bill.  Talk about the changes below --

Here is what we know so far --

New York Jets -- Eric Mangini is reportedly out as Head Coach of the New York Jets.  New York spent a ton of money in the off-season and traded for Brett Favre.  The results -- an 8-3 start that turned into a 1-4 finish and a 8AM tee time this morning.

Detroit Lions -- While Rod Marinelli is well respected as a football man within League circles, 0-16 is 0-16 after-all.  Marinelli has been shown the door by the Lions in what is a mercy killing.  Now Marinelli can head back to Tampa to take over the D.C. job vacated by Monte Kiffin.

Cleveland Browns - Romeo Crennel is out in Cleveland.  Crennel has always looked a bit over his head as Head Coach and was never really in control, both on the field and in the locker room.