'09 Draft: 12th Overall / 9 total picks, whattawedo?

The football season might be over but the draft season is upon us broncos country!  We have the 12th pick in the first round.  Our picks, by round, go:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 7th (9 total)

We also have a bunch of cap room, so let the free-agent speculation begin (given recent moves that may or may not be a good thing). 

As I see it, we need to cut Nate Webster, get rid of Boss, Niko and a bunch of the other dead weight our roster and go to work.  I see us needing: Safety, LB, DE, DT, RB.  I trust Jim Goodman after our last several drafts, but I would trade down or trade Elvis for another 2nd round pick and go:

1. Safety: Mays or Chung - we need a physical, complete safety for run support and coverage, end of story;

2. D-Line - Passrusher who is good v. the run (DE or pocket-collapsing DT);

2. RB: CJ Spiller (look him up on Youtube - he's one of the best I've ever seen & should be there in the 2nd - fast, great hands, great kick-returner and would be a great change of pace back behind Hillis/Torain);

3. D-Line - Run-stopper (D-tackle or a physical D-end who can seal the edge and also rush the passer)

4. WR or TE - many disagree but we need depth at receiver (stoke is old, sheff & Jackson get hurt) - remember, Cutler is THE FRANCHISE, we gotta keep putting quality talent out there for him to throw to

4. LB or CB (depending on how the front office values Woodyard / Larsen / Jack Williams / Josh Bell - I'm about done with Dre, our highest paid player btw)

5. O-line (center/guard depending on what they plan to do with Lichtensteiger and Eslinger). Casey is old and we need a stud to anchor this young line

6. O-LIne, LB, DT (best availbel player)

6. Best player available for defense (preferably safety, D-line or LB)

7. Kicker - prater can't hit anything between 40 and 50 yards, his extra point fiasco. the bolts sealed it for me.  I'm done with him.  Bring in a belitnakov winner, pronto.

Fill remaining holes in free-agency!


This is just my take.  What do you think Broncos Country?

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