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Ryan Clady Is Starting To Get Some Love

With all the just plain garbage out there in the MSM, it is sometimes hard to find the bright light of intelligence.  Every once in awhile, however, someone proves to me that there is still hope that those writing are still paying attention to what is happening on the field and not to what ESPN or NFLN are saying.

Case in point is Matt Sohn from ProFootballWeekly.  I am a loyal subscriber to the mag and would recommend it to anyone.  I'm not saying that because Sohn wrote a brilliant piece about who his top Rookies in 2008 are either, though it is total genius!

Sohn has what he calls the "Rookie Meter", which he describes as "a gauge who has been the best, plain and simple."  He isn't focusing on who should win post-season awards - he knows like all of us that awards are more opularity contest than anything.  No, he simply looks at who is getting it done between the white lines on Sunday's and ranks them.

His top-2, in which he describes the difference as being "razor-thin"??

1. Falcons QB Matt Ryan (first round, third overall)
Week 13 stats: 17-of-23 for 207 yards, two touchdowns
Season stats: 203-of-333 for 2,625 yards, 13 touchdowns, six interceptions
Last week’s ranking: 1
Pile on the Chargers’ woes, Matt. On the road facing a defense that's playing without any semblance of continuity, Ryan proved that smart, precision passing holds the upper hand against elite but undisciplined athleticism.

2. Broncos OT Ryan Clady (1-12)
Last week’s ranking: 2
Because name recognition is as important as actual performance in Pro Bowl voting, Clady may very well be left off the AFC’s roster. That would be a shame.

Yes, Matt, it would be a shame, which is why we here at MileHighReport are trying to do something about it, to at least bring attention to Clady so that the players and coaches notice.  Something tells me they have, however, since Clady has gone against many of the best pass-rushers in the game and has come out on top in every battle.

The Broncos have another deserving rookie in the Top-10 as well --

6. Broncos WR Eddie Royal (2-42)
Week 13 stats: five receptions for 84 yards and one touchdown
Season stats: 63 receptions for 757 yards and five touchdowns
Last week’s ranking: 7
How Royal managed to keep his balance in staying inbounds on his 59-yard TD catch-and-run is quite amazing.

While it will take more attention like this for these two Broncos to get the respect they deserve, it shouldn't go without notice when someone actually gets it right, no matter how infrequent it seems.