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Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos -- Wednesday Injury Report

Denver Broncos
Player Injury Wed. Participation Thur. Participation Fri. Participation Friday Status
S Marlon McCree Ankle Did Not Participate      
DL Ebenezer Ekuban Back Did Not Participate      
LB Nate Webster Knee FullParticipation      
LB D.J. Williams Knee FullParticipation      
CB Champ Bailey Groin Limited Participation      
RB Selvin Young Groin FullParticipation      
DT DeWayne Robertson Knees Full Participation      
DL Kenny Peterson Achilles Full Participation      
WR Brandon Marshall Hip Full Participation      
FB/LB Spencer Larsen Groin/Hip Full Participation      
WR Chad Jackson Ankle Full Participation      
FB Peyton Hillis Hip Full Participation      
G Ben Hamilton  Wrist
Full Participation      
RB P.J. Pope Ribs Full Participation      
Kansas City Chiefs
Player Injury Wed. Participation Thur. Participation Fri. Participation Friday Status
LB Donnie Edwards Hamstring/Knee Did Not Participate      
CB Patrick Surtain Quadriceps Did Not Participate      
DE Tamba Hali Ankle Limited Participation      
G Adrian Jones Ankle Limited Participation      
C Rudy Niswanger Ankle Limited Participation      
G Wade Smith Ankle Limited Participation      
LB Pat Thomas Hamstring Limited Participation      

 I'm hoping that Hamilton's wrist isn't to much of a problem, as this is the second week he has made it on the injury report.  Of course, he isn't going to miss any time because no stinkin' wrist injury, but you hate to see such an essential part of the line have to miss a game sometime in the future because of something like that.

We'll need to keep an eye on Ekuban as the week goes on, and hopefully he will start practicing before too long.  He is a major cog in our rotation and we will notice if he is gone.

Looks like the LBs and Selvin young are all going to be ready.  I am fine with bringing DJ and Nate back into the lineup, as we have proven depth, but does anyone think Selvin Should rest unless he is absolutely 100%?  that said, he had a couple of good runs in our earlier loss to the Chiefs, so there may be some validity to having him in the lineup to help salt away a divison home win.