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Seven Days of Clady--Day #6

The final countdown to the end of the ProBowl voting is nearly over, and that means you only have 2 days left to make your vote count!  Dec 9th at Noon EST is the deadline, and time is flying.

To help rally the votes I will be using this series of posts to give you reasons every day to get out and throw some votes up for one of the most impressive rookie campaigns we have had the pleasure of seeing.  I know a lot of you have been trying to vote everyday, and to you I can only say Awesome! and Keep it up!  I have been voting 10 times per day for a little while now, but I recently timed how long it took to vote twenty times on a DSL connection.  It only took me five minutes, so I have decided to up the ante a bit.  If you are up to the challenge, try the following:  set a timer for ten minutes and vote as many times as you can in that ten minute time span.  Try it again tomorrow, to see if you can beat your previous best, and know that it is all for a great cause!

On the Sixth day of Clady... 

Ryan Clady #78



Not just good enough for 2008

Clady and Denver's offensive line are walking the line of all time greatness:

Year Team Sacks Allowed Attempts sack per att.
1988 Dolphins 7 621 1/88
1970 49ers 8 383 1/48
1975 Rams 8 355 1/44
1966 Jets 9 514 1/57
1991 Redskins 9 447 1/50
2008 Denver 8 493 1/62

These are the all time greats.  The '70, '75 and '66 teams above accomplished their numbers in only 14 games, so bear that in mind.  The Broncos line is in heck of good company.  The 'Fins numbers above appear nearly untouchable, but some solace can be had by remembering the fumble/sack/thingy from our SD game earlier this year.  Factor that in, as a rules based anomaly (no team in the above list had anything similar), and our sack per attempts jumps to 1/70!

Right now, the Broncos are on pace for a 606 attempt season, and if we can keep up our current pace of only allowing 2 sacks per quarter of the season, that would put them in the neighborhood of 1/61 sack per attempts, 2nd all time!

And I wouldn't be surprised one bit, if we do even better than that.