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Introducing the MHR Writing Fellowship Program

I'm happy to announce the first MileHighReport Writing Fellows Program.

It's really an exciting time right now for bloggers, in particular sports bloggers. With networks like SB Nation and AOL Fanhouse getting bigger, and tools like Blogger and WordPress, it seems like everyone is no online and writing about their sports passions. It's also an exciting time for Broncos bloggers.

This year, MileHighReport will celebrate 2 years on the web, a lifetime for blogs on the net. My goal for starting MHR was to give Broncos fans what they so desperately wanted a deserved - an independent source for Denver Broncos new and comment.  This site has been that and so much more for me, and the fans that call the MHR home.  To give back a little to the "community", I'm looking to help others hone their blogging skills while, at the same time, providing new and exciting content for MileHighReport as we head into what is sure to be a very active off-season. First and foremost, this is not a popularity contest. Whoever is selected is done so because they offer something unique that I, Styg50, and HoosierTeacher don't bring. For example, if one applicant wants to write about more general NFL news, and not focus solely on the Broncos, that kind of content is missing somewhat from MileHighReport. Another example is an applicant saying he/she will blog about the Broncos, but will do so more on weekends than weekdays.  Weekend content on this blog, as well as many others, is weak at times because everyone is usually away from their PC's.

I am even open to the possibility of having a fan from another team write as a fellow. Yes, I would even consider a Raiders or Chargers fan if they were serious and could bring something of value to the site.

The writing fellow gig is a one-year gig. This means, you have to agree to commit to blogging consistently on MileHighReport for one year (ie, until after the Super Bowl next year). In my book, blogging consistently means at least five posts a week. The length of the posts is not an issue, but a minimum of five a week is required. Good writing skills are another big plus, as is having a strong opinion.  We are a friendly community, supportive of the thoughts and ideas of everyone, but that doesn't mean we always agree on what is the best way to get the Broncos back to contention.  That's OK.  In fact, solid debate begets solid content.

An open mind and a degree of self-humor are keys in life, as in blogging.

This will be a non-paying job, something most bloggers know all too well. To me, being able to talk about the Broncos with all of you is something I would do for free, and do. Should the rare event arise that I receive stuff I will be happy to share the "wealth".  Just don't count on it.

So, all that said, I'm sure you're asking, "How do I apply?"  Simple.  Just e-mail( me the following:

*    Your blog account name (you don't have to tell me your real name, but if you want to it's cool).
*    Where you live, generally (example: Amherst, OH).
*    Can you commit to blogging at least 5 posts a week for a full year?
*    Your three favorite NFL teams.
*    What will you bring to MileHighReport that is lacking currently on the blog?
*    A short essay on why you are a Broncos fan.

Please have these applications in to me by February 11th.  Styg50, HoosierTeacher, and I will look through all applicants and pick the two or three we all agree on. Each of us will have different criteria, each looking for something different that can take the MHR to the next level.  The new "fellows" will be chosen and announced on February 18.

As always, thank you for your continued interest and involvement in MileHighReport. Our stories mean nothing without people like you commenting and adding diaries.