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MHR Partnerting With

I am excited to annouce that the MHR is partnering with, assisting the guys over there with information on the Broncos positional needs for the Draft.  DraftTek is a Draft Simulation site that uses an in depth formula in an attempt to predict how the draft will unfurl this April.

Draft Tek explains what they do this way --

Draft Tek uses a computer model (VBA on MSExcel platform) to generate a 7-round simulation for the 2008 NFL Draft.   As team needs and player rankings change over the months leading up to the draft, Draft Tek will be the first out of the block with updated projections  - on a daily basis if events warrant.

The goal of Draft Tek's simulation is to produce a "reasonable" draft based upon the higher needs of each team getting filled in the earlier rounds based on the players available in the ranked player list.

Draft Teks staff readily admits that they are unable to keep a watchful eye on the ongoings of all 32 teams.  The plan is to set up arrangements with knowledgeable sources for those teams where our understanding is inadequate.  Readers are encouraged to submit positional analyses of their team of choice.  However they should make some effort to use Draft Tek's priority codes found on the Team Needs page.

After the NFL Draft is completed in late April, Draft Tek offers a variety of unique content, primarily involving the rating and scoring of the most recent draft and also drafts of past years.
Draft Tek at times chooses to present features associated with sports other than football.  In 2007 its name was recently changed to "Draft Tek Sports Information" to reflect this more varied focus.

Our role with this is to provide DraftTek with the ratings systems to input into the software.  The better, more accurate the input, the better, more accurate the output will be.  As the days countdown to the draft, the rating will get tweaked and fine-tuned, so don't worry if you look at certain picks and they seem far-fetched.

Feel free to give me your thoughts on our needs by position, with 1 being the most pressing need and 9 being a position of depth.  You can use a number twice.  Any questions you have about the process can be left in the comments as well....