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Travis Henry Will Remain With Broncos

As first reported in today's Horse Tracks, Travis Henry has agreed to a restructured contract with the Broncos, assuring his spot on the 2008 squad.  This had been the belief in these parts for a couple of weeks now, after Henry stated his desire to 'make it right' with the Broncos.  

This was a key move for the Broncos, especially after Shanny publically professed that Selvin Young was not the type of back that could carry the ball 25 times a game.  That admission essentialy told the world that the Broncos were going to add a back at some point, whether it was a move with Henry, or another available running back.

"Travis wants to make it right in Denver," his agent, Hadley Engelhard, said Wednesday. "That is the big reason why he is back. He thinks it can work there."

Engelhard did not disclose the terms of the restructured deal. Originally, the Broncos would have owed a large portion of a $6 million option bonus to Henry on Feb. 29. Henry still has four years remaining on his contract.

Last March, Henry signed a five-year, $22.5 million deal with Denver after being a salary cap casualty at Tennessee. Henry received a $12 million bonus as part of the contract.

Henry's troubles on and off the field in 2007 are well documented, but he was highly effective before getting hurt.  Add in a second injury, and the entire positive drug test fiasco, and 2007 became a complete waste.  With this new, cap/team friendly deal in place, Henry gets to clear his name while the Broncos avoid paying $6 million dollars to a high-risk player.  A win-win for both sides...