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Javon Walker As Good As Gone

Ok, even I will admit it.  Javon Walker will not be a Bronco very much longer.  Whether it is by by trade or simply his outright release Walker will not be back.  I had hoped that despite Walker's comments that the team and the player would find a way to coexist.  That appears impossible now, which leads us to believe just how bad it had gotten in the locker room.

It is now apparent that the Broncos feel they have a legitimate #1 receiver in Brandon Marshall and will look to add a complimentary player to Marshall and Brandon Stokley, perhaps through Free Agency or the draft. Walker wants to be a #1 somewhere, and that just wasn't going to happen in Denver in 2008.

As was discussed in This Diary, Tampa appears to be the first team the Broncos have had any type of substantial conversations with regarding Walker.  The two teams have played nicely in the past and Walker in Pewter and Maroon certainly makes some sense. If a trade cannot be worked out, rest assured the Broncos will simply cut Walker by March 4th when his $5.4 million bonus comes due.  Either way, Walker's days as a Bronco are over.