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Horse Tracks 2/25/08

Here's a Monday edition of Horse Tracks.  Here you can get today's and the weekend's news.

From the Denver Post....

Apparently, Shaun Rogers is one the Broncos radar.  See this and notes on other Bronco news here

Jason Elam is still unsigned.  See here

DeSean Jackson is dealing with his lack of size and let's hope Denver does NOT take him.  Plus notes regarding the Broncos free agents.  See here

Foxworth is tired of people bashing Gene Upshaw plus other notes see here

More notes with Lynch possibly playing elsewhere.  See here

While Williamson thinks that Denver may take an offensive player in the draft, but it sounds like he has no clue what they will do.  see here

From the Rocky Mountian News.....

Jeremy Bates to focus on helping Cutler...see here

The Colorado State House discussed the way Broncos season ticket holders deal with resale of tickets.  Looks like more of government doing "productive" work.  See here

Bob Slowik's top priority will be something that never happened in 2007...stopping the run.  See here

AFC West News...

Finally, news from Phyillis and his merry men...

Here's something interesting coming out of San Diego...supposedly the Broncos were taping the Chargers' practices.  Check it out here

They also signed Derek Smith of the 49ers.  See here

Antonio Gates could be looking at toe surgery.  See here

In oakland....

Faders franchise Asomugha and Fabian Washington was arrested...see here

Nothing of news from the Chefs.

Lots of news...hope you enjoy!